Car Insurance and Travel Insurance

Insurance helps you protect yourself against risks like a house fire, car accident or burglary. You can also get insurance that pays you money if you get too ill to work or to provide for your family if you die.

How can you get insurance?

With insurance, you choose what you want to be protected against. Then your insurer calculates the risk that the events to be insured will happen and the insurance provider or insurer will determine the price you will need to pay (your premium).

There are lots of different types of insurance – you can cover almost anything, from your wedding to your pets. Some insurance is compulsory – you can’t drive a car without at least basic car insurance, and you can’t get a mortgage on your house without buildings insurance. After compulsory insurances, the most important thing is to protect yourself and your family. The types of insurance that you need will depend on what you need to protect.

If you’re travelling abroad, get travel insurance to help pay your hospital fees and other expenses if you get injured or sick. If you have kids, what would happen to them if you died unexpectedly? Life insurance would help make sure they’re looked after financially. If you have a big mortgage, what would happen if you became too ill to work? Income protection insurance could help cover your payments.

These are the main types of insurance that exist on the market today: Home insurance, Car insurance, Travel insurance, Life insurance, Private medical and dental insurance, Pet insurance.