Things To See On The Way To Vegas

LA to Vegas Drive: 4 Epic Road Trip Route Ideas (+ Best Stops)!

On the way to Las Vegas, you can enjoy scenic views of the Mojave Desert, the famous Seven Magic Mountains art installation, and the Hoover Dam, which is an engineering marvel. Additionally, you might pass by quirky roadside attractions and unique desert landscapes that offer a taste of the American Southwest.

21 Incredible Places to Visit Near Las Vegas by Car

Find out about 21 amazing spots you may drive to that are close to Las Vegas and offer fascinating activities on your way to Sin City. With these destinations, your journey will be as interesting as your destination and guarantee an outstanding road trip experience. You’ll come across beautiful scenery and well-known sites, from the grand beauty of the Grand Canyon to the quirky charm of Route 66. Visit the Hoover Dam, stroll through the breathtaking Red Rock Canyon, or take in Valley of Fire State Park’s breathtaking natural features. On your approach to Vegas, immerse yourself in history, the outdoors, and culture to create a unique journey before you arrive at the renowned Las Vegas Strip.

Los Angeles to Las Vegas Via Lone Pine and Death Valley

Set out on a memorable road trip through Death Valley and Lone Pine to reach Las Vegas, stopping along the route at a variety of fascinating locations. Zabriskie Point and Badwater Basin are located in Death Valley National Park, which features surreal scenery. Discover the beautiful Alabama Hills and Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the contiguous United States, from the historic hamlet of Lone Pine. Along this beautiful road, there are also possibilities to stop at hot springs for a peaceful soak or to visit the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. Your trip to Vegas is jam-packed with thrilling pit stops and gorgeous landscapes, making it a memorable excursion.

LA to Vegas via Joshua Tree and the Mojave National Preserve

A multitude of amazing sights may be seen on the road to Vegas as you travel from LA to Vegas via Joshua Tree and the Mojave National Preserve. Explore the renowned Joshua Tree National Park, known for its distinctive desert vistas and spectacular Joshua Trees, as the starting point of your journey. Continue your journey through the beautiful Mojave National Preserve, passing through the alluring Kelso Depot and mesmerizing sand dunes. Watch for the iconic Route 66 sites and the majestic Cima Dome along the journey. Before arriving at the brilliant lights of Las Vegas, this picturesque route guarantees a great road trip experience loaded with scenic vistas and cultural treasures.

LA to Las Vegas via Baker, the Shortest Route

Take Baker for the fastest route from LA to Las Vegas while still seeing interesting sights along the trip. Your route passes through Baker, a small but interesting town known for its famous “World’s Tallest Thermometer” and alluring stores with alien themes. While traveling, you can discover the distinctive topography of the Mojave Desert and get the chance to see Joshua Trees and take pictures of breathtaking desert vistas. Even though this route is well recognized for its effectiveness, it doesn’t compromise on eye-catching scenery, providing a mix of desert vistas and curious roadside attractions that make the trip to Las Vegas fun and unforgettable.

LA to Vegas via Route 66 and Mojave National Preserve

Set out on a traditional American road trip from Los Angeles to Vegas via the iconic Route 66 and the alluring Mojave National Preserve, where a wealth of intriguing sights to visit on the way to Vegas await. Travel along the famed Route 66, passing through quaint communities with retro eateries and odd roadside attractions like Barstow and Needles. Be astounded by the breathtaking scenery, such as the Kelso Dunes and the Mitchell Caverns, as you enter the Mojave National Preserve. Your trip to Las Vegas will be an unforgettable adventure filled with unusual sights and sensations thanks to this gorgeous route that skillfully combines natural beauties and nostalgic Americana.

Lake Dolores Waterpark

An iconic roadside attraction on the route to Vegas, Lake Dolores Waterpark offers a nostalgic walk down memory lane. In its heyday, this deserted waterpark off Interstate 15 was a cherished haven for vacationers. Urban explorers and history buffs will find its graffiti-covered slides and pools to be a fascinating sight, despite the fact that it is no longer in use. Consider making a pit stop to see this historical artifact, a location loaded with tales of summertime joy, on your way to Vegas. Although it might not now contain water slides, it offers a fascinating look at the roadside attractions that have dot the American landscape for decades.

The tallest thermometer in the world

Don’t miss Baker, California’s landmark roadside attraction, the tallest thermometer in the world, on your trip to Las Vegas. This enormous thermometer, which stands 134 feet tall, is not easy to overlook. It is more than just a thermometer; it represents the town’s hot summers in the desert. It was built in 1991 and is a well-liked photo spot for people traveling to or from Las Vegas. The world’s highest thermometer is a quirky and unforgettable sight that adds a touch of whimsy to your road trip experience, whether you’re trying to capture the scorching summer heat or are simply awed by its towering presence.

Seven Magic Mountains

Visit the Seven Magic Mountains while you’re in Las Vegas; it’s a magical art piece that calls with its vivid hues and fantastical beauty. These enormous, stacked rocks with neon-colored paint are situated in the Nevada desert, just south of Las Vegas along Interstate 15. They stand out sharply against the surrounding scenery. This modern masterpiece, created by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, offers a singular fusion of art and nature, making it a must-see destination on your journey to Vegas. For tourists looking for aesthetic wonders, these seven totems rising from the desert floor offer a captivating and Instagram-worthy stop.

Zzyzx Road

On your way to Las Vegas, explore the mysterious Zzyzx Road, a desert road dripping with mystery. Off Interstate 15, this mysterious road leads to the Desert Studies Center, once the Zzyzx Mineral Springs and Health Spa. Along this gorgeous path, discover desert scenery, hot springs, and abandoned structures. Discover its peculiar past, from its start as a quackery health resort to its evolution into a research facility. When traveling to Vegas, visitors seeking the unexpected may find a captivating detour along Zzyzx Road, which captures the eccentric allure of the Mojave Desert.

Liberty Sculpture Park

A hidden gem on the way to Vegas, Liberty Sculpture Park entices visitors with its impressive collection of sculptures. This outdoor gallery celebrates freedom and artistic expression with a collection of eye-catching and provocative sculptures that are set amidst the Mojave Desert. Visitors looking for a distinctive cultural experience on their trip to Vegas can find a tranquil and reflective ambiance thanks to the park’s secluded setting, which is accessible from Interstate 15. Explore the ingenuity that thrives even in the desert as you stroll through these artistic marvels, which include elaborate metalworks and life-size figures. Both art lovers and curious tourists should visit Liberty Sculpture Park.

Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner

On the way to Vegas, Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner is a charming retro haven that provides a nostalgic trip down memory lane. This iconic American diner, which is close to Interstate 15, has checkerboard floors, vintage jukeboxes, and helpful waitstaff who are dressed in historical garb. Hearty comfort food, such as burgers, shakes, and traditional diner fare, is available for tourists to enjoy. The diners are transported to the height of rock ‘n’ roll thanks to the memorabilia that lines the walls, which creates a compelling ambience. On your route to Vegas, Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner is a must-stop for a taste of vintage America.

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generator System

On the way to Vegas, the Mojave Desert’s Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System provides a stunning sight. Near the California-Nevada border, this state-of-the-art solar thermal power facility has three enormous towers that are encircled by hundreds of mirrors. The towers receive direct sunlight from these mirrors, which intensifies the heat and produces power. The end effect is an impressive visual extravaganza of shimmering mirrors and sky-high buildings that promotes renewable energy sources. Seeing the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System as you travel on Interstate 15 toward Vegas is a fascinating stop for eco-aware visitors and a monument to the future of renewable power.

Calico Ghost Town

On your way to Vegas, stop at the fascinating historical site Calico Ghost Town. This historic silver mining village, located off Interstate 15 in the Mojave Desert, takes you to the Wild West period. Take a stroll around its arid lanes, which are lined with historic structures including saloons, shops, and a school. Discover the Maggie Mine to learn more about the town’s silver mining history. Calico Ghost Town provides history buffs and curious visitors with an immersive experience through educational tours, shootout recreations, and attractive shops. No matter if you have a passion for the Old West or are just looking for an interesting pit break on your route to Vegas, Calico Ghost Town will provide an amazing experience.

The Pioneer Saloon

The Pioneer Saloon, a storied landmark on the way to Las Vegas, draws tourists in with its intriguing past and charming rustic appeal. This century-old bar, located in Goodsprings, Nevada, just a short drive from Las Vegas along State Route 161, transports guests back to the Wild West era. A bygone era is evoked by the building’s historic interior and worn wooden façade, which still feature bullet holes from a well-known gunfight. As you take in the ambiance, indulge in delicious meals, libations, and live entertainment. For a taste of the Old West nostalgia and a memorable pit break on the way to Vegas, check out The Pioneer Saloon.

Eddie World

Along the way to Vegas, Eddie World offers a colorful paradise that combines convenience and pleasure in a fascinating way. This contemporary rest stop is a traveler’s paradise and is situated along Interstate 15, offering a petrol station, a convenience store, and a variety of alluring activities. Enjoy tasty nibbles, gourmet jerky, and a selection of candies. Discover their renowned candy wall and astonishing array of hot sauces. A mini-golf course, a sizable animatronic dinosaur, and a lovely outdoor picnic area are further features of Eddie World. Eddie World is a must-see pit stop that adds fun and spice to your trip to Vegas with its distinctive offers and vibrant aesthetics.

Magic mountains, ghost towns, and more must-see roadside kitsch

Set out on an alluring adventure to Vegas to find a treasure trove of must-see roadside kitsch, from alluring ghost villages to alluring magic mountains. Witness the Seven Magic Mountains, a stunning sight just south of Las Vegas, which are tall neon totems rising from the desert bottom. Explore the historically rich and brilliantly restored Calico Ghost Town. Discover the renowned Eddie World, a unique rest stop with unique activities and gourmet cuisine on Interstate 15. Your road trip will be filled with whimsy and amazement as you discover the unusual views en route to Las Vegas thanks to these fascinating roadside gems.

Barstow Station

A fascinating pit stop on your way to Vegas, Barstow Station is a rare fusion of old-world charm and contemporary comfort. This unusual transportation hub is located in Barstow, California, near Interstate 15, and it features a historical train car and the former Harvey House restaurant, which catered to rail passengers. Today, it has a variety of dining establishments, retail outlets, and a museum honoring the region’s railroad past. Discover the unique shops, indulge in delectable food, and take in the ambience at this intriguing roadside attraction. On their way to Las Vegas, current passengers can have a memorable and practical break at Barstow Station, which serves as a reminder of the past.

The Mad Greek Cafe

The Mad Greek Cafe, located near Baker, California, just off Interstate 15, is a delicious refuge on the way to Vegas. With its tantalizing American and Mediterranean cuisine, this renowned restaurant entices tourists. Enjoy delicious pastries, falafel, and gyros in a delightful environment decorated in a Greek-inspired style. As you eat, take in the odd statues and distinctive architecture that make the Mad Greek Cafe a unique destination. This culinary gem offers a lovely break on your way to Las Vegas, adding flavor and flair to your road trip experience, whether you’re craving a tasty lunch or just looking for an Instagram-worthy moment.

Bonnie & Clyde’s Death Cars

Visit Bonnie and Clyde’s Death Cars on your trip to Vegas to learn more about a notorious chapter in history. These historic automobiles are on display at Whiskey Pete’s Casino in Primm, Nevada, just south of Las Vegas along Interstate 15, and are covered in bullet holes from the final confrontation with law officials in 1934. The exhibit offers a window into the gangster age of the past and is a disturbing remnant of the legendary criminal pair. Your drive to the brilliant lights of Las Vegas is made more intriguing and interesting by stopping to see Bonnie and Clyde’s Death Cars, which is an interesting and historical stop.

The Desperado Roller Coaster

On the way to Vegas, thrill-seekers can experience the adrenaline-pumping Desperado Roller Coaster. This renowned roller coaster is a must-see attraction for roller coaster fans and is situated at Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino in Primm, Nevada, right off Interstate 15. With its 209-foot height, jaw-dropping drops, and adrenaline-pumping turns, it provides an amazing break from your journey. Experience sweeping desert vistas and an exhilarating journey as wild as the Old West. When traveling to the glittering entertainment of Las Vegas, travelers looking for thrills and an amazing trip should make a stop at the Desperado Roller Coaster.

D’Vine Wine Bar

Wine connoisseurs and visitors can both enjoy a relaxing break at D’Vine Wine Bar, which is tucked away in the center of Victorville, California, along the road to Las Vegas. In a warm and welcoming setting, this quaint institution offers a varied assortment of premium wines, specialty brews, and artisanal cheeses. On the terrace outside or inside the rustic-chic bar area, unwind. The atmosphere is enhanced with live music and welcoming service. On your way to Las Vegas, D’Vine Wine Bar is a haven of flavor and atmosphere whether you’re an expert or just looking for a nice stop, making it a noteworthy addition to your road trip adventure.

The largest Chevron station in the world

On your route to Vegas, make a memorable pit stop at the biggest Chevron station in the world, located off Interstate 15. This enormous rest stop, which is located in Primm, Nevada, provides more than simply convenience and fuel; it also serves as a tourist destination. Admire the enormous area that is home to a variety of restaurants, a sizable convenience store, and even a fashion boutique. It is the perfect destination to refuel, recharge, and shop before continuing your journey to the glittering lights of Las Vegas because of its size and array of amenities. On the way to your destination, the largest Chevron station offers an unexpected but unique experience.

California Route 66 Museum

On your journey to Vegas, stop by the California Route 66 Museum in Victorville for an enthralling look into the past of the famed Route 66. This museum, which is housed in a historic structure, honors the glory days of the Mother Road with a vast collection of memorabilia, classic cars, and interesting exhibitions. Investigate the cultural effects and experiences of those who traveled this fabled route. Get lost in Route 66’s nostalgia and learn about the allure of roadside America. This museum offers an interesting stop that enhances your journey to the exciting city of Las Vegas, whether you’re a history enthusiast or an inquisitive traveler.

Tita’s Burger Den

On the way to Vegas, Tita’s Burger Den, a cherished roadside attraction, beckons with its delectable menu and vintage appeal. A must-stop for hungry tourists, this family-run burger shop is situated in Barstow, California, on the way to Las Vegas. Enjoy mouthwatering, custom-made burgers, filling sandwiches, and hand-spun milkshakes in a warm, nostalgic setting. Tita’s Burger Den is a fun place to stop on your journey because of the welcoming staff and retro decor. Tita’s Burger Den enhances the flavor and character of your road trip adventure, whether you’re in the mood for a filling lunch or simply want to experience the classic American diner culture.

Best places to visit near Las Vegas By Car

Your tour takes on an exciting new dimension when you explore the top destinations nearby Las Vegas by vehicle. Don’t skip these interesting sites along the way as you head into Sin City. Explore the spectacular Hoover Dam, the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, and the historic charm of Route 66. Discover the breathtaking scenery of Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon. Visit oddball roadside attractions like the California Route 66 Museum and the World’s Tallest Thermometer. These must-visit locations near Vegas guarantee a fantastic road trip experience loaded with a variety of views and adventures, regardless of your interests in nature, history, or offbeat attractions.

Jenny Rose Sign

On the drive to Vegas, the eye-catching roadside artifact known as the Jenny Rose Sign adds a touch of nostalgia. This old sign used to be on the Jenny Rose Motel, which was a well-liked rest stop for travelers in the middle of the 20th century, and is now located in Baker, California, next to Interstate 15. The sign still stands as a wonderful memento of the past even though the motel is no longer open for business. Its retro style and neon lighting harken back to the golden age of traditional Americana. A fun side trip that adds a bit of vintage flair to your route to Las Vegas’s dazzling lights and activities is seeing the Jenny Rose Sign.